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Want to commission a design unique to you? Here's all the info to make your dream creation a reality


Let your heart run wild! I can make you a super wide variety of custom items. A teeny animal pendant? Heck yeah. A fancy little figurine for your desk? Sure! A crazy beautiful wedding cake topper featuring your beloved pets? Piece of cake 


Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom orders. Ceramics need a lot of time to be made properly. If dried or cooled down from the kiln too fast a sculpture can crack or even explode! This time frame ensures that your design gets all the attention it deserves and can make it safely through the firing process. 

Need it sooner or have a question about firing times? Feel free to reach out! Depending on the style I may be able to propose design changes that can get it to you faster, for an additional charge. Please note this is not a guarantee!


Email me what you have in mind and I will send a quote based on size, complexity, and addition of luster overglazes (22k gold, platinum, mother of pearl) 

Here are some estimates based on recent commissions:

 simple shape or recolor of existing design $40 $55
animal pendant $80-95 $100-120
animal figurine (single) $95-110 $110-130
animal cake topper (2 figures + decorative base $300-375 $350-425
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    Made with love in Gowanus, Brooklyn

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